- Time to change your email :(

As already mentioned in our info email of 15.01.2023, has been shut down as of 01.03.2023. We have already asked in this message to make use of our export tool. If you have not done so, do not panic! You can still access your emails and receive messages! More on this below. was a free and beginner-friendly email service that placed value on the privacy and security of our users. We wanted to offer an email provider that does not ask for mobile phone numbers or sell data. In addition, we did not place any advertising on the project.

Our plan was to fund the project entirely with donations and thus offer everyone access to a privacy-friendly email provider.
Unfortunately, we have not received a single donation since the start at the beginning of 2021, which is why our budget is now more than exhausted. We would not have been able to finance another month; the project has always been in debt, which got bigger and bigger over time. It is really costly to provide a failsafe, redunant and privacy friendly infrastrcutre.

For this reason, we sent out an info-mail on 15.01.2023 in which we pointed out the financial situation of the project. We asked for donations, but received none. We also communicated quite openly in this email that you would have to look for an alternative provider if we did not receive enough donations by 01.03.2023; since we have not received any donations at all, we unfortunately have to pull the plug.

Therefore, we would like to appeal to everyone to support open source software and free services that you like to use. Nothing in this world is free and somehow the person working on the project and the server costs have to be paid. Nobody has unlimited time or money to provide a project for free.

To cover our costs and to get rid of a little minus we sell the domain on the trading place with a heavy heart. is a secure way to transfer domains for both parties. Read more on the Dan website. We accept offers starting at 99€/$ (minimum amount of the platform) and hope that someone will use the domain to build up a similar project with a better financial viability. In addition, you can find our donation addresses under this pargraph, in case someone wants to donate to the project in the aftermath. With thousands of users per month, most of them using our site daily, and with thousands of links spread all over the internet, is a good investment.


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Ethereum (ETH):

Bitcoin (BTC):

Dogecoin (DOGE):

Now to the export:
We have teamed up with to provide an export tool for those who have not exported their data before. The tool is available here. With the tool, all messages can be exported as a zip file; messages can be received and sent and, using IMAP/STMP, all messages can be transferred to another provider.
For the tool we use the domain "", as is for sale and therefore no longer in our possession.

Finally, we would like to apologise for not being able to continue our project and also to point out that we are entitled to stop our service at any time due to paragraph 1 of our ToS. In addition, we have given 1 1/2 months' notice of our intention to discontinue the service.

If you have any questions and/or suggestions, please contact us at

Let's take a look at our project stats for a last time:

Uniquid users per month: ~ 18,000
E-Mails handled last month: ~ 1,272,584
E-Mails handled all time: ~ 28,000,000